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  • Learn Artificial Intelligence from Basic to Advanced
  • Take your Artificial Intelligence Skills to the next level.
  • AI Projects using Python.
  • Machine Learning Interview Preparation
  • AI and ML Course that prepares you for the Data Science Industry.
  • Get AI Certification from Analytics Vidhya
  • Get access to multiple Artificial Intelligence courses.
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Why learn AI and ML?

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become the centerpiece of strategic decision making for organizations. They are disrupting the way industries and roles function - from sales and marketing to finance and HR, companies are betting big on AI and ML to give them a competitive edge.
  • And this, of course, directly translates to their hiring. Thousands of vacancies are open as organizations scour the world for AI and ML talent. There hasn’t been a better time to get into this field!
  • The AI revolution is here - are you prepared to integrate it into your skillset? Mastering AI and ML has never been so important. The AI & ML Blackbelt Plus course includes Beginner to Advanced training on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Get your AI course certification from Analytics Vidhya - India’s largest Data Science Community.

How Can You Outshine your Career in AI and ML?

You don’t need to have a PHD to master Artificial Intelligence skills. Although you must be well aware of the following topics -

  • Python Programming Language
  • EDA and Statistics
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Basic and Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Learning Techniques and frameworks like PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow

Certified AI & ML
BlackBelt Plus

Power ahead in your AI & ML Career
  • 1:1 Mentorships with Industry Practitioners
  • Comprehensive & Personalised Learning Path
  • Dedicated Interview Preparation & Support

How BlackBelt Plus prepares you for a Career in Python?


Mentorship with Industry Practitioners

  • 75+ Mentorships
  • Get clarity on each and every Machine Learning concept
  • Get personalised recommendations for career in AI and Machine Learning

Comprehensive & Personalised Python Learning Path

  • Cutting Edge AI and Machine Learning Curriculum
  • Work on Real Life Machine Learning Projects using Python
  • Personalised for your goals

Prepares you for AI and ML Jobs

  • Learn industry Relevant AI Skills
  • Build your Profile
  • Resume and Interview Preparation

What will you learn?

The Online Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning training under the AI and ML Blackbelt Plus program will provide you with the knowledge of tools and techniques to master AI for the industry. Here’s what you will learn in the program

  • Understand how Machine Learning and Data Science are disrupting multiple industries today
  • Linear, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree and Random Forest algorithms for building machine learning models
  • Understand how to solve Classification and Regression problems in machine learning
  • Ensemble Modeling techniques like Bagging, Boosting, Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Kernel Tricks.
  • Learn dimensionality reduction techniques like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and t-SNE
  • Evaluate your machine learning models and improve them through Feature Engineering
  • Learn Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques like k-means clustering and Hierarchical Clustering
  • Learn how to work with different kinds of data for machine learning problems (tabular, text, unstructured)
  • Improve and enhance your machine learning model’s accuracy through feature engineering

The course, curated and delivered by experienced instructors with decades of industry experience between them, will help you understand the answers to these pressing questions.

Succeed with 1:1 Personalised Mentorship

Succeed with Personalised Roadmap

Get a personalised roadmap to succeed in your AI & ML career

1:1 Mentorship with Industry Practitioners
  • 75+ Mentorship calls
  • Rating - 4.92 / 5.00
  • Doubts and Queries - Technical
  • Industry Experienced Mentorsa
Assistance in Job Preparation

Mentors to guide you how to get your dream job

  • Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Profile Building - Linkedin , Github , Analytics Vidhya Community
  • 2 Mock Interviews

What does it mean to be BlackBelt Plus Certified?

BlackBelt Plus Certified Data Scientists can create cutting edge solutions and become pioneers in the space of Artificial Intelligence, pioneers who will develop AI Applications that will revolutionize life as we know it.

  • Mastery in 15+ Tools
  • Expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Subjects
  • Ability to solve real world industry problems


14+ Modules starting from basics like Excel to the most cutting edge techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP required by every data scientist

Data Science Tool Kit
2 Project 3 Assignment

Master Microsoft Excel

Explore Important Formulas and Functions

Create Charts and Visualizations using MS Excel

Get Familiar with MySQL

Creating and updating reports in SQL

Performing Data Analysis using SQL

Explore Python for Data Science

Important libraries and functions in Python

Reading file and manipulating data in python

Working with data frames, lists, and dictionary

Data Exploration and Statistical Inference
3 Project 4 Assignment

Use Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization

Creating charts to visualize data and generate insights

Univariate and Bivariate analysis using python

Perform Statistical Analysis on real-world datasets

Build and Validate Hypothesis using statistical tests

Generating useful insights from the data

Storytelling and Dashboarding
2 Project 9 Assignment

Importing and working with different kinds of data in Tableau

Build bubble charts, geo-location charts, and many others

Learn to create Dashboards in Tableau

Master storyboarding in Tableau

Learn to create engaging presentations

Perform feature engineering in Tableau

Become familiar with data manipulation in Tableau

Problem Formulation and Communication
0 Project 3 Assignment

Dealing with ambiguous business problems

Structure a business problem into a data science problem

Understanding the Machine Learning Lifecycle

Key Frameworks for each stage in ML Lifecycle

Present analysis and business insights in an impactful manner

Communicate ideas and insights to the stakeholders

Basic Machine Learning
4 Project 1 Assignment

Learn Important Machine Learning concepts

Perform data cleaning and Preprocessing

In-depth understanding of Basic ML models

Linear Models, Decision Tree, k-NN

Math Behind each Machine Learning Algorithm

Building Classification and Regression Models

Hyperparameter Tuning to improve model

Solving real-world business problems using Machine Learning

Feature Selection and Engineering
2 Project 0 Assignment

Learn the art of Feature engineering

Feature Generation from time-series data

Automated Feature Engineering Tool

Concept of dimensionality reduction

Feature Selection and Elimination Techniques

Detailed Understanding of Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Concept of Factor Analysis

Advanced Machine Learning
4 Project 1 Assignment

Explore the Advanced ML concepts and Algorithms

Use Ensemble Learning Techniques (Stacking and Blending)

Understand and Implement Bagging and Boosting Algorithms

Learn to handle Text data and Image Data

Working with structured and unstructured data

Dealing with unsupervised learning problems

Clustering Algorithms including k-means and Hierarchical clustering

Deep Learning
5 Project 4 Assignment

Important concepts of Deep Learning

Working of Neural Network from Scratch

Activation Functions and Optimizers for Deep Learning

Understand Deep Learning architectures (MLP, CNN, RNN and more)

Explore Deep Learning Frameworks like Keras and PyTorch

Learn to tune the hyperparameters of Neural Networks

Build Deep Learning models to tackle real-life problems

Computer Vision using PyTorch
8 Project 4 Assignment

Get familiar with the world of Computer Vision

Transfer Learning for Computer Vision

Work with popular Deep Learning Framework - Pytorch

Learn State-of-the-art Algorithms like YOLO, SSD, RCNN and more

Work on different types of problems

Build Face Detection and Pose Detection Models

Advanced CV Problems like Image Segmentation and Image Generation

Understand how GANs work

Getting started with Natural Language Processing
7 Project 3 Assignment

Handling Text Data (Cleaning and Pre-processing)

Use Spacy, Rasa and Regex for exploring and processing text data

Information Extraction and Retrieval from text-based data

Understand Language Modelling

Learn Advanced Feature Engineering techniques

Build NLP models for Text Classification

Understand Topic modelling

Work on Industry Relevant Projects

NLP using Deep Learning
5 Project 2 Assignment

Understand the concept of Sequence-to-Sequence Modeling

Build a Deep Learning Model for Language translation in PyTorch

Learn to use Transformers library by Huggingface

Use Transformers to perform transfer learning in NLP

Build and Deploy your own chatbot

Learn to work with audio-based data

Build a voice assistant system using Deep Learning

Recommendation System
3 Project 1 Assignment

Recommender Systems in industry

Detailed Taxonomy of types of Recommender Systems

Collaborative Filtering Methods

Content-Based Recommender Systems

Knowledge-Based & Hybrid Recommender Systems

Market Basket Analysis & Association Rules

Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Build Book recommender System and other real-life projects

Time Series
3 Project 1 Assignment

Important concepts of Time Series Forecasting

Machine Learning techniques for Time Series forecasting

Validation techniques for Time series data

Framework to evaluate Time Series Models

Exponential Smoothing Methods for forecasting

Reading ACF and PACF plots

Tuning Parameters for ARIMA


Deep Learning for time series

Solve Real-world business problems

Career-oriented services and Data Science Interviews

Understanding the different roles in Data Science

Dos and Don'ts for Resume Building

Tips and strategies to build the perfect resume

Preparing for Data Science Interviews

Understanding the important skills required

How to build your digital Presence

Tips and Tricks to Ace Data Science Resume

List of Interview Questions for Data Science

    Overall BlackBelt Plus Stats:
  • 39+ Projects
  • 35+ Hours
  • 14+ Tools
  • 100+ Assignments
  • 75+ Mentorship Sessions

Tools You will Master in AI & ML BlackBelt Plus

Artificial Intelligence Course Tool Pandas
Artificial Intelligence Course Tool NumPy
Artificial Intelligence Course Tool Scikit-learn
Artificial Intelligence Course Tool Matplotlib
Artificial Intelligence Course Tool Seaborn
Artificial Intelligence Course Tool Keras

Reinforce Your learnings with 50+ projects

Doing projects is one of the most essential step to apply your learning and showcase in your resume.
Writing code is one thing but writing it efficiently, well that requires practice.
Artificial Intelligence Course Project NYC Taxi Trip Duration Prediction

NYC Taxi Trip Duration Prediction

Learning Objectives:

Understand the importance of Data Exploration Learn the power of Feature Engineering to improve your models.

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Uber, Lyft, Ola

Artificial Intelligence Course Project Customer Churn Prediction -

Customer Churn Prediction -

Learning Objectives:

Perform Data Exploration to understand relationship between variables Learn to implement Machine Learning Models

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Various Banking Institutions

Artificial Intelligence Course Project Web Page Classification

Web Page Classification

Learning Objectives:

Working with Text Data Cleaning and Preprocessing text corpus Implementing ML Models for text classification

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Various Banking Institutions

Artificial Intelligence Course Project Malaria Detection from blood cell Images

Malaria Detection from blood cell Images

Learning Objectives:

Working with Image Data Implementing Deep Learning Models for Image Classification

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Healthcare Industry

Industry Experts & Mentors

kunal jain

Kunal Jain

Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya
sunil ray

Sunil Ray

Chief Content Officer at Analytics Vidhya
anand mishra

Anand mishra

Head Of Engineering at Analytics Vidhya
pranav dar

Pranav Dar

Sr Editor & Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya

Hear from our Students

Mentors are experienced in the industry that I work in and are helpful in highlighting trends and emphasised courses in the blackbelt that would be most useful for my upskilling/development

Liked the personalised approach and clear specific recommendations on improvement and future course of action for me. Excited to keep learning and growing with Analytics Vidhya! Thanks!

Start your journey to success with a personalised Roadmap

It will be personalised after your first mentorship call

Program Fees


(Inclusive of taxes )

1:1 Personalised Attention

  • Personalised Success Roadmap
  • 75+ Technical mentorship sessions
  • 3 Industry mentorship sessions
  • 3 mock interviews

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • 100+ Learning Hours
  • Work on 39+ Real-world Projects
  • Master 14+ Cutting Edge Tools

Go from Beginner to Master

  • No pre-requisites required
  • Work on NLP and Deep Learning Projects


Get BlackBelt Plus Certified in Python Course
By Analytics Vidhya Be skillful with python to start your career in data science and web development. Certified AI & ML is the best python course for data science available online. Share your Achievement with the World

  • Earn Your Python Certification Online
  • Share Your Achievement

Money Back Guarantee!

BlackBelt Plus program comes with 7 days no questions asked Money back Guarantee. If the program is bought in pre-launch offer or on discounted price, then the fee paid is non-refundable. For more T&C, click here

Frequently asked Questions

Top Questions

Who is this program for?
This program has been designed for all Python and Data ScienceAI and ML enthusiasts from all walks of life. We have curated all the content for each course in a way that’s easy-to-digest for people coming from a non-technical and non-data science background as well.
I want to learn and master AI and ML. Is this program for me?
Yes. This course is for people who want to start their journey in AI and ML programming and take their skills to the next level. You’ll not just be learning basic ML concepts but also utilize this knowledge to build Machine Learning Projects.
What are the job roles I can apply to after this program?
You can apply for various diverse roles available in the industry. Here are a few of them but not limited to - AI Consultant Data Scientist Data Analyst Machine Learning Engineer AI engineer
What skills do I require to get a job in the domain of AI and ML?
The AI and ML Blackbelt Plus program consists of all the necessary modules that will help you land a job in the data science domain. You need to have a hands-on experience in the following tools - Python Pandas NumPy Matplotlib Seaborn Scikit-learn Keras PyTorch
What does a Data Scientist do?
Data Science is an amalgamation of Statistics, Computer Science and specific domain knowledge. As more and more data gets generated across the world, we need to leverage it to make decisions and improve them. A data scientist performs operations on the data provided to analyze and interpret it.
How much Python do I need to know to enter Data Science?
Though Python has hundreds of libraries and many more functionalities, you don’t need to know all of them for learning Data Science Rather than becoming an expert in the entire language, you would need to just be acquainted with the basic syntax of Python. We will also cover the most popular libraries used by Data Scientists and which you would be using too as a future Data Scientist!
What is the average salary of a data scientist?
According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a beginner data scientist is a whopping 10 Lacs/year. The AI and ML Blackbelt Plus is the perfect program to land your dream job in the domain of Python and Data Science.
I am a Beginner in Python. Is this course for me?
The AI and ML Blackbelt Plus Program is for anyone who wants to go from Beginner to Advanced in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning. Take your coding skills to the next level with hands-on Python training.
Does the Certified AI & ML BlackBelt Program include all detailed information about python?
This program is designed by keeping the python as core topic to go into data science space online. Python full course is included in this program as it covers from basics of python, application part, and use of python in various web applications and data science projects.
I am looking for an artificial intelligence course in bangalore. Is this an online program or offline?
The AI and ML Blackbelt Plus program is an online certification program that makes you ready for the industry. In this online program, you get 1:1 mentorship sessions, personalized learning path and dedicated interview preparation and support.
What will be the artificial intelligence course syllabus?
These AI courses have the most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Syllabus. They include everything from Python, Excel, PowerBI and Tableau to all the way up to advanced tools like Pytorch, Apache Spark, AWS. In short, all Artificial Intelligence subjects are covered as a part of this program.
I want to take an artificial intelligence course online. Is this program for me?
Yes. This course is for people who want to start their journey in AI and ML and take their skills to the next level. You’ll not just be learning basic ML concepts but also utilize this knowledge to build Machine Learning Projects. This course combines all the aspects of artificial intelligence offline courses including 1:1 mentorship sessions, career guidance, mock interviews and much more.
What is the artificial intelligence course eligibility?
This program has been designed for all Python and Data Science - AI and ML enthusiasts from all walks of life. We have curated all the content for each course in a way that’s easy-to-digest for people coming from a non-technical and non-data science background as well.
What is the fee of the program?
You can refer to the fee section of the program to know more about the payment plans and understand more about the Artificial Intelligence course fees offered under the AI and ML blackbelt plus program.
Is there any eligibility criteria to join the AI and ML Blackbelt Plus Program?
No. There is no eligibility for the Artificial Intelligence online course. You will be taught everything from basics like Python programming language, Excel, Basics of Machine Learning. After your basics are clear, you can then move on to the advanced topics.
Is there a duration for this Artificial Intelligence course?
Yes. The artificial intelligence course duration offered under the AI and ML blackbelt plus program is 18 Months. During this time you can learn from the self-paced content and get support from the Analytics Vidhya team as well.
I am looking for an Artificial intelligence institute in Delhi.
The beauty of the AI & ML Blackbelt program is that the personalised attention, that usually comes in an offline environment, is made available in an Online Format through 75+ hours of 1:1 Mentorship sessions.